Chantelle Lloyd

Chantelle Lloyd, MSc
Western University

Chantelle is a PhD candidate in the Psychology, Neuroceince, and Behaviour – Research & Clinical Training program at McMaster University. She is supervised by Dr. Margaret McKinnon and Dr. Ruth Lanius.

Chantelle’s research largely concentrates on understanding and describing the experience of moral injury. Specifically, Chantelle is investigating the neurobiological underpinnings, as well as physiological (e.g., eye gaze, heart rate, EEG, etc.) and psycho-social correlates, of moral injury in civilians and military members with and without PTSD. Results from this study will be used to inform subsequent research investigating various psychotherapeutic methods to address moral injury. She has interests in test construction, and is working to develop self-report measures relevant to civilian moral injury and post-traumatic freezing.

Research at HRI:

Moral injury brain imaging study

Evaluating new tools for the assessment of moral injury


Altered sense of body ownership and agency in posttraumatic stress disorder and its dissociative subtype: A rubber hand illusion study
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