Andrew Nicholson

Andrew Nicholson, PhD.
Western University

Dr. Andrew Nicholson is a post-doctoral fellow working with Drs. Ruth Lanius, and Margaret McKinnon. Nicholson’s main affiliations are at Western University, and the Homewood Research Institute. Nicholson’s research background has expanded to include a multitude of fMRI imaging studies in the field of psychiatry, with expertise in a plethora of technical fMRI imaging methods, including: real-time fMRI neurofeedback, generalized psychophysiological interaction analyses, dynamic causal modelling, and most recently, the application of fMRI machine learning algorithms to predict PTSD symptoms. Nicholson has also worked closely with Dr. Ruth Lanius to elucidate many neural correlates characteristic of psychiatric heterogeneity, including the dissociative subtype of PTSD.


A review of the neurobiological basis of trauma-related dissociation and its relation to cannabinoid-and opiod-mediated stress response: A transdiagnostic, translational approach 
Lanius, R.A. ·  
Boyd, J.E. · McKinnon, M.C. · Nicholson, A.A. · Frewen, P.A. · Vermetten, E. · Jetly, R. · Spiegel, D.

Alpha oscillation neurofeedback modulates amygdala complex connectivity and arousal in posttraumatic stress disorder
Nicholson, A.A. · Ros, T. · Frewen, P.A. · Densmore, M. · Théberge, J. · Kluetsch, R.C. · Lanius, R.A.

Desynchronization of autonomic response and central autonomic network connectivity in posttraumatic stress disorder
Thome, J. · Densmore, M. · Frewen, P.A. · McKinnon, M.C. · Théberge, J. · Nicholson, A.A.

The dissociative subtype of posttraumatic stress disorder: Unique resting-state functional connectivity of basolateral and centromedial amygdala complexes
Nicholson, A.A. • Densmore, M. • Frewen, P.A. • Théberge, J. • Neufeld, R.W. • McKinnon, M.C. • Lanius, R.A.

Dynamic casual modeling in PTSD and its dissociative subtype: Bottom-up versus top-down processing within fear and emotion regulation circuitry 
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Intrinsic connectivity network dynamics in PTSD during downregulation of the amygdala using real-time fMRI neurofeedback
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Machine learning multivariate pattern and analysis predicts classification of posttraumatic stress disorder and its dissociative subtype: A multimodal neuroimaging approach 
Nicholson, A.A. ·  Densmore, D. ·  McKinnon, M.C. ·  Neufeld, R.W.J. · Frewen, P.A. · Théberge, J. · Jetly, R. ·Richardson, D. · Lanius, R.A.

The neurobiology of emotion regulation in posttraumatic stress disorder: Amygdala downregulation via real-time fMRI neurofeedback
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Plastic Modulation of Intrinsic Neural Networks in PTSD through Amygdala Downregulation via Real-Time fMRI Neurofeedback
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PTSD and its dissociative subtype through the lens of the insula: anterior and posterior insula resting-state functional connectivity and its predictive validity using machine learning
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Sensory overload and imbalance: Resting-state vestibular connectivity in PTSD and its dissociative subtype
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Uncovering the heterogeneity of posttraumatic stress disorder: toward a personalized medicine approach for military members and veterans
Nicholson, A.A. · McKinnon, M.C. · Jetly, R. · Lanius, R.A.

Unique insula subregion resting-state functional connectivity with amygdala complexes in posttraumatic stress disorder and its dissociative subtype
Nicholson, A.A. • Sapru, I. • Densmore, M. • Frewen, P.A. • Neufeld, R.W. • Théberge, J. • McKinnon, M.C. • Lanius, R.A.