Testing Goal Management Training (GMT) among veterans, military members and first responders with PTSD (random control trial)

Formal Project Title: The effectiveness of a cognitive training program, GMT, on reducing cognitive difficulties and improving everyday functioning in individuals with affective disorders

HRI Investigators:
Dr. Margaret McKinnon
Ruth Lanius
Charlene O’Connor
Jenna Boyd
Alina Protopopescu

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often results in changes to an individual’s cognitive functioning, such as difficulty with memory, attention, concentration, planning and organization.

Research led by HRI and McMaster University is examining the use of Goal Management Training® (GMT), an established cognitive skills training program, as a method for reducing symptoms of PTSD, particularly among veterans, military members and first responders.

Already trialed with inpatients from the Program for Traumatic Stress Recovery at Homewood Health Centre, GMT is now being trialed with community members in Southern Ontario. Initial results suggest that GMT holds great promise for improving quality of life and cognitive function among individuals with PTSD.

Funders: The Cowan FoundationMilitary Casualty Support FoundationRBJ Schlegel Holdings