Moral injury among Canadian servicewomen and female veterans

Formal Project Title: The relation between moral injury and inappropriate sexual behaviour during military service among female-identified Canadian service women and veterans.

HRI Investigators:
Dr. Margaret McKinnon
Dr. Ruth Lanius
Bethany Easterbrook

A moral injury may occur when a person witnesses, fails to prevent, or engages in an event that violates their personal moral beliefs. Exposure to morally injurious situations (e.g., inappropriate sexual behaviour during military service) has been linked to adverse outcomes, including PTSD, psychological distress and difficulty with cognitive functioning.

Currently, very little is known about how moral injury may uniquely affect female-identified military members and veterans in Canada.

In this project, we will convene key stakeholders through a workshop and focus groups, with an aim to:

  • Better understand the experience of moral injury among Canadian service women and female veterans;
  • Identify events that may trigger moral injury
  • Mobilize Canadian scholars, clinicians and policy makers to address concerns related to moral injury within these populations.

Funder: National Defence; Targeted Engagement Grant, Defence Engagement Program