Identifying qualitative characteristics of first responders with PTSD

Formal Project Title: Trauma exposure in military members and public safety personnel: A qualitative investigation

HRI Investigators:
Charlene O’Connor
Dr. Margaret McKinnon
Dr. Andrea Brown
Heather Millman
Bethany Easterbrook

Military members and public safety personnel (such as paramedics, firefighters and police officers) are often exposed to traumatic events. Repeated exposure on the job increases the risk of mental health concerns within these populations.

The primary objective of this study is to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the challenges that are unique to first responders – including public safety personnel and military members – that may complicate mental health treatment and recovery.

By identifying some of the unique qualitative characteristics among these patient populations, we can inform treatment improvements and more individualized care for public safety personnel and military members.

Funder: Homewood Health Centre