Evaluating new tools for the assessment of moral injury

Formal Project Title: Moral Injury Assessment (MIA): Measuring moral injury in survivors of abuse and/or neglect and public safety personnel/first responders

HRI Investigators: 
Dr. Margaret McKinnon
Dr. Ruth Lanius
Chantelle Lloyd
Alina Protopopescu

Moral injury may occur when individuals are made to violate and/or betray their own moral code or ethical belief system, either through action or inaction.

To date, moral injury research has focused primarily on nurses, physicians and military personnel. Similarly, assessment tools for moral injury – such as the Moral Injury Events Scale or the Moral Distress Scale – exist only for these specific populations; however, moral injury is also prevalent in other populations, including public safety personnel, first responders, and survivors of abuse and neglect.

To advance research that will benefit additional populations impacted by moral injury, HRI researchers have designed two new assessment tools: the Moral Injury Assessment – Survivors of Abuse and/or Neglect (MIA-SA), and the Moral Injury Assessment – Public Safety Personnel/First Responders (MIA-PSP/FR).

In this study, investigators are examining how accurately both tools are able to assess moral injury in survivors of abuse and/or neglect, as well as in public safety personnel and first responders.

Funder: The Homewood-McMaster Trauma Network