Characterization of individuals receiving treatment for PTSD

Formal Project Title: Evaluating treatment response and predictors of symptom severity in individuals treated at PTSR

HRI Investigators:
Dr. Margaret McKinnon
Dr. Ruth Lanius
Alina Protopopescu
Anna Park

People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experience social impairment, high absenteeism, unemployment and work-related disability.

HRI, McMaster University, and Western University are investigating the clinical symptoms that predict both PTSD symptom severity and treatment response.

Working within the Program for Traumatic Stress Recovery (PTSR) at Homewood Health Centre, researchers are seeking to understand the ways in which specific types of trauma (e.g., childhood, combat, work place) and specific trauma symptoms (e.g., depression, anger, guilt) affect a patient’s response to treatment. Advanced analytic techniques (e.g., machine learning) are being applied to this data set.

Funder: National Science and Engineering Research Council