PTSD Research at HRI

Testing a novel treatment to help first responders impacted by PTSD

HRI is recruiting public safety personnel who have been impacted by trauma to participate in an experimental trial of Goal Management Training (GMT). The study aims to reduce cognitive difficulties and improve everyday functioning in public safety personnel with PTSD. This includes police officers, probation and correctional officers, fire fighters, dispatchers, nurses and paramedics. For a full list of eligible professions, please refer to the related WSIB legislation.  For more information, see the infographic below. If you are interested in participating, please complete the consent to contact form below and send to Heather Millman,

Please note that during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, recruitment for this study remains active. While in-person study activities have been paused to protect everyone’s health, interested participants may still sign up. We will provide introductory information by phone and email and will contact all participants once it is safe to resume the study. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to connecting with future participants.


Consent to Contact Form