Dr. Margaret McKinnon honoured as inaugural chairholder

Dr. McKinnon welcomed to new role

Dr. Paul O’Byrne welcomes Dr. McKinnon (Photo credit: JD Howell)

On Monday, April 16, guests from McMaster University, Homewood Research Institute (HRI), Homewood Health and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton gathered to honour Dr. Margaret McKinnon as she stepped into her new role as Homewood Research Chair in Mental Health and Trauma.

The role marks the strategic partnering of McMaster, HRI, Homewood Health and St. Joseph’s in a joint effort to advance treatment for trauma-related mental illness and addiction.

Leaders from partnering organizations were present to congratulate Dr. McKinnon and discuss the impact of building a national network – known as the Homewood-McMaster Trauma Research Network – to advance treatment for trauma.

President and Vice-Chancellor of McMaster University, Dr, Patrick Deane, spoke about the importance of collaboration in academic settings to advance healthcare research. Dr. Kevin Smith, CEO of St. Joseph’s Health System, and Dr. Paul O’Byrne, Dean and Vice-President of the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster, shared details about the novel partnership, which aims to merge existing clinical expertise in applied clinical research with new treatment ideas, research, evaluation and knowledge exchange to improve treatment and outcomes for people experiencing PTSD.

Dr. Ron Schlegel, Chair of the HRI Board, discussed the value of funding research initiatives that invite collaboration – particularly among leading researchers and institutions in the field – to advance common goals in mental health and addiction treatment.

Dr. McKinnon is developing a Trauma Research Program at HRI and will play a key role in building the Homewood-McMaster Trauma Research Network, which will have its foundations in Ontario and expand across Canada in a multi-year process.

Margaret McKinnon speaking

Dr. Margaret McKinnon speaks about her research and the importance of investing in solutions for people struggling with trauma (Photo credit: JD Howell)

Group photo

L-R: Dr. Patrick Deane, Dr. Paul O’Byrne, Dr. Margaret McKinnon, Dr. Kevin Smith and Dr. Ron Schlegel (Photo credit: JD Howell)

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