Dr. James MacKillop receives top award from the American Psychological Association

Join us in congratulating Homewood Senior Scientist Dr. James MacKillop. Dr. MacKillop recently received the 2015 Award for Distinguished Early Career Scientific Contribution to Psychology from the American Psychological Association.  This award recognizes excellent psychologists who are at early stages of their research careers (up to 10 years after receiving their doctorates).

Dr. MacKillop joined McMaster University in 2014 and currently serves as the inaugural Peter Boris Chair in Addictions Research and Director of the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research.  He also holds a position as Homewood Senior Scientist.  In the short time Dr. MacKillop has been in Canada he has recruited outstanding scientists to the Boris Centre from the US, has engaged strong contributors from faculty at McMaster/St.Joseph’s, maintained and grown international collaborations with outstanding US research centres, built an addictions laboratory, secured funding from major granting agencies, mounted multifaceted studies, built a training program, engaged local clinical programs (including at Homewood), and established a tradition of publishing in collaboration with clinicians.

Dr. MacKillop has laid a foundation for a research program that ranges from basic research with many dimensions (including neuroscience, genetics, behaviour, and  microbiome) to real world clinical research. Findings from the lab in Hamilton can be brought to bear in improving practice within Homewood, and clinical observations from the Addiction Medicine Service at Homewood can inspire new research studies in Hamilton.

A detailed description of James’ background and research appeared in the November awards issue of the American Psychologist.

We congratulate Dr. MacKillop on his award. We are confident that this work will lead to important advancements in both science and addiction treatment.