Evaluating the experience of patients receiving treatment within a tobacco-free treatment setting

Formal project title: Evaluating the impact of the Tobacco-Free Policy at Homewood Health Centre: A qualitative study on patient perceptions and experiences

Jean Costello
Andrea Brown
Isabella Romano
Alyna Walji
Heather Millman
Don Roth
Dominique Bruce
Nicklaus Csuzdi
Julie Martin

In 2016, Homewood Health Centre implemented a tobacco-free policy for all patients, staff and visitors. Although there is evidence that hospital-wide tobacco-free policies can help curb patient tobacco use, there is little research on patients’ experiences of receiving mental health and addiction treatment within a tobacco-free setting. Gaining a better understanding of the patient experience may help uncover areas for policy improvement and opportunities to further support patients during their treatment stay and subsequent recovery.

The purposes of this study are to: (1) gather patient perceptions and experiences of the tobacco-free policy implemented at Homewood Health Centre; and, (2) examine patients’ beliefs about the potential impact that receiving treatment within a tobacco-free context may have on tobacco use, treatment and subsequent recovery. Focus groups and interviews will be conducted with patients at Homewood Health Centre.

Findings from this project will contribute to the limited body of research examining patient perceptions and experiences of receiving treatment within a tobacco-free setting and provide valuable insights to others looking to adopt such comprehensive tobacco control measures within similar settings.