Darlene Walton Scholarship Fund

Darlene WaltonDarlene Walton was an HRI champion from day one. She had a passion for mental health and worked to make life better for people with mental illness and addiction for most of her life.

For 38 years, she worked at Homewood Health Centre, giving her best each day to help patients recover. From nursing to finance to admissions and customer relations, Darlene did it all – and she did it with the intention of making difficult times more manageable for patients and their families.

Darlene was a strong supporter of Homewood Research Institute since its inception. Not only was she a generous donor, but she played a key role in organizing fundraising events and networking with others who have a shared interest in mental wellness.

Darlene recognized early in her career that we need to change the way we think about mental health conditions. In her words: “The focus must be on getting people better.”

“We know how to help people with diabetes, cancer and heart conditions…but do we know how best to help people with psychiatric and addiction illnesses? To me, the solution lies in research. I have worked with people suffering from unimaginable mental health problems. HRI brings hope for a future where people in these predicaments can get their lives back, sooner. As a nation, we can do better. And HRI will help us get there.”

We benefited greatly from Darlene’s enthusiastic encouragement and tangible support.

She recognized the importance of training the next generation of researchers and scientists to improve mental health and addiction services in Canada. Sadly, Darlene passed away in June of 2018.

Darlene was an inspiration to us all, and we are pleased to honour her legacy and her vision of a brighter future. The Darlene Walton Scholarship Fund provides support to a student who is pursuing studies in the field of mental health and addiction research.

2019 Darlene Walton Scholarship Recipient:   Alyna Walji