Optimizing addiction screening and assessment tools improve treatment

Formal Project Title: Optimization project: Diagnostic study informing psychometrics of the screening measures in AMS

HRI Investigators: 
Dr. James MacKillop
Dr. Sabrian Syan
Emily Levitt

In this study, researchers are working with patients in the Addiction Medicine Service (AMS) at Homewood Health Centre to explore how screening and assessment tools can be optimized to improve treatment planning and reduce the risk of early drop-out from treatment.

Existing assessments often use scoring developed in non-addiction settings. The creation of tools that use addiction-specific values holds great promise for enhancing treatment planning and delivery. The optimization of screening tools will also aid in identifying patients who are at high risk of leaving treatment early. In these instances, specialized interventions can be developed that encourage patients to complete their treatment, thereby resulting in better recovery outcomes.

Funder: HRI, McMaster University