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Cannabis use, cognitive performance, and symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in community adults (in press)
Petker, T. · Dejesus, J. · Lee, A. · Gillard, J. · Owens, M.M. · Balodis, I.M. · Amlung, M.T. · George, T. · Oshri, A. · Hall, G. · Schimidt, L. · MacKillop, J.

Multidimensional latent structure of risk-related phenotypes in healthy young adults
Pabon, E. · MacKillop, J. · Palmer, A.A. · de Wit, H.

Recent cannabis use is associated with smaller hippocampus volume: high-resolution segmentation of structural subfields in a large non-clinical sample
Owens, M.A. · Sweet, L. · MacKillop, J.

Shared genetic risk between eating disorder and substance-use-related phenotypes: evidence from genome-wide association studies 
Munn-Chernoff, M.A. et al [>40 authors]

Steep discounting of future rewards as an impulsivity phenotype (in press)
Levitt, E.E. · Sanchez-Roige, S. · Palmer, A.A. · MacKillop, J.


Adverse childhood experiences and amygdalar reduction: high-resolution segmentation reveals specificity of subnuclei associations and links to psychiatric outcomes
Oshiri, A. · Liu, S. · Duprey, E. · Gray, J. · Owens, M. · MacKillop, J. · Sweet, L.

Alcohol demand moderates brief motivational intervention outcomes in underage young adult drinkers
Cassidy, R.N. · Bernstein, M.H. · Magill, M. · MacKillop, J. · Murphy, J.G. · Colby, S.M.

Alcohol self-concept moderates the relation between negative affective symptoms and alcohol-related consequences
Soltis, K.E. · Olin, C.C. · Wallace, A.L. · Dennhardt, A.A. · Amlung, M.T. · Goldman, M.S. · Murphy, J.G.  ·Tucker, J.A. · MacKillop, J.

Alcohol social density and alcohol demand: race and sex differences and relations over time
Acuff, S.F. · Dennhardt, A.A. · Amlung, M.T. · Goldman, M. · MacKillop, J. · Tucker, J. · Murphy, J.G.

An examination of motivation to change and neural alcohol cue reactivity following a brief intervention
Grodin, E.N. · Lim, A.C. · MacKillop, J. · Karno, M.P. · Ray, L.A.

Association between drinking and cortical thickness in younger adult drinkers: Findings from the Human Connectome Project
Morris, V. · Owens, M. · Syan, S.K. · Petker, T. · Sweet, L. · Oshiri, O. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.T.

Association between impulsivity and neural activation to alcohol cues in heavy drinkers
Burnette, E.M. · Grodin, E.N. · Lim, A.C. · MacKillop, J. · Karno, M.P. · Ray, L.A.

Association between reduced cortical thickness and drinking quantity and frequency in young adult drinkers: Findings from the Human Connectome Project
Morris, V. · Owens, M. · Syan, S.K. · Petker, T. · Sweet, L. · Oshiri, A. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.T.

Availability of legalized cannabis reduces demand for illegal cannabis among Canadian cannabis users; evidence from a behavioural economic substitution paradigm
Amlung, M.T. · MacKillop, J.

Behavioural economic mediators of relationships between alcohol self-concept, alcohol use, and consequences in a diverse young adult sample
Soltis, K.E. · Wallace, A.L. · Dennhardt, A.A. · Amlung, M.T. · Goldman, M.S. · Murphy, J.G. · Tucker, J.A. · MacKillop, J.

Behavioural economic tobacco demand in relation to cigarette consumption and nicotine dependence: a meta-analysis of cross-sectional relationships
González-Roz, A. Jackson, J. Murphy, D.M. Rohsenow, D.J. MacKillop, J. 

Brief Assessment of Cigarette Demand (BACD): Initial development and correlational results in adults and adolescents
Murphy, C.M. · Cassidy, R.N. · Martin, R.A. · Tidey, J.W. · MacKillop, J. · Rohsenow, D.J.

Brief interventions for cannabis use in emerging adults: a systematic review, meta-analysis, and evidence map
Halladay, J. · Schere, J. · MacKillop, J. · Woock, R. · Petker, T. · Linton, V. · Munn, C.

+Cannabidiol as a novel candidate alcohol use disorder pharmacotherapy: a systematic review 
Turna, J. · Syan, S.K. · Frey, B.N. · Rush, B. · Costello, J. · Weiss, M. · MacKillop, J.

Cannabis for medical use in the military: exploring risks and possibilities
Richardson, D. · St. Cyr, K. · Jetly, R. · Heber, A. · Busse, J.W. · Balodis, I. · MacKillop, J. · Meakin, C. · Marlsborough, M.

Cannabis involvement and neuropsychological performance: findings from the Human Connectome Project
Petker, T. · Owens, M.M. · Amlung, M.T. · Oshri, A. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J. 

Cannabis use among Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans: Discussion from a 2017 CIMVHR Forum working group
Richardson, J.D. · St. Cyr, K. · Jetly, R. · Heber, A. · Busses, J.W. · Balodis, I.M. · MacKillop, J. · Meakin, C. · Marlsborough, M.

Characterizing the reinforcing value of tobacco using a Cigarette Purchase Task: an item response theory approach
González-Roz, A. Secades-Villa, R. Weidberg, S. Muñiz, J. MacKillop, J.

Clarifying the relationship between alcohol demand and alcohol-related relative reinforcement and driving after drinking in a Canadian community sample
Patel, H. · Reed, D. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.T.

Correlates of daily marijuana use in a diverse sample of emerging young adult heavy drinkers
Dennhardt, A.A. · Acuff, S.F. · Amlung, M.T. · Goldman, J. · Tucker, J. · MacKillop, J. · Murphy, J.G.

Empirically derived profiles of problematic alcohol use: relationships with ADHD and reward functioning
Oddo, L. · Acuff, S.F. · Arenson, M. · Triece, P. · Meinzer, M. · MacKillop, J. · Tucker, J. · Goldman, M. · Chronis-Tuscano, A. · Murphy, J.

Examining readiness to change as a mechanism of action in a brief motivational intervention: the importance of alcohol demand
Celio, M.A. · Aston, E.R. · MacKillop, J. · Murphy, J.G. · Monti, P.M.

Experimental manipulations of behavioral economic demand for addictive commodities: A meta-analysis
Acuff, S.F. · Amlung, M.T. · Dennhardt, A.A. · MacKillop, J. · Murphy, J.G.

Factoral invariance of the alcohol purchase task across race and sex
Campbell, K.W. · Pebley, K. · Wallace, A.A. · Dennhardt, A. · Amlung, M.T. · Goldman, M.S. · Tucker, J.A. · MacKillop, J. · Murphy, J.G.

Genetics of decision making
Gray, J.C. · Sanchez-Roige, S. · de Wit, H. · MacKillop, J.

Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over one million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences 
Linner, R.K. et al [>15 authors]

Genomic basis of delayed reward discounting
Gray, J.C. · Sanchez-Roige, S. · de Wit, H. · MacKillop, J. · Palmer, A.A.

Investigating total cortical thickness and intracortical myelin thickness in relation to drinking behavior and alcohol use disorder
Amlung, M.T. · Morris, V. · Owens, M.M. · Syan, S.K. · Petker, T. · Oshri, A. · Sweet, L. · Bock, N. · Minuzzi, L. · MacKillop, J.

Is addiction really a chronic relapsing disorder?
MacKillop, J.

Marijuana’s effect on alcohol craving and consumption in a laboratory study
Metrik, J. · Aston, E.R. · Gunn, R.L. · MacKillop, J. · Swift, R. · Kahler, C.

Neurocognitive performance and intracortical myelin thickness in an alcohol use disorder sample
Morris, V. · Bock, N. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.T.

Predictors of aging out of heavy episodic drinking in emerging adults: a systematic review protocol
Petker, T.D. · Halladay, J. · Vedelago, L. · Ferro, M. · Tucker, J. · Goldman, M. · Murphy, J.G. · MacKillop, J.

Priorities for a comprehensive post-legalization cannabis research agenda in Canada
MacKillop, J.

+Psychometric validation of the Brief Alcohol Social Density Assessment in an adult community sample
Levitt, E.E. · Oshri, A. · Clifton, A. · Stout, R. · Costello, M.J. · Van Dellen, M. · Kelly, J. · MacKillop, J.

Reduction in perceived alcohol value in non-treatment seeking adults following a brief motivational interviewing intervention
Syan, S.K. · Grodin, E. · Amlung, M.T. · Lim, A. · Karno, M. · Ray, L. · MacKillop, J.

Socioeconomic hardship and delayed reward discounting: association with working memory and emotional reactivity
Oshri, A. Hallowell, E. Liu, S. MacKillop, J. Galvan, A. Kogan, S.M. Sweet, L.H.

Technological advances in the assessment of impulse control in offenders: a systematic review
Vedelago, L. · Amlung, M.T. · Morris, V. · Petker, T. · Balodis, I. · McLachlan, K. · Mamak, M. · Moulden, H. · Chaimowitz, G. · MacKillop, J.

Translating knowledge into action to prevent pediatric adolescent diabesity: a meeting report paper
Balakumaran, J. · Kao, Y. · Wang, K. · Ronen, G. · MacKillop, J. · Thabane, L. · Samaan, C.

The use of cannabinoids for sleep: a critical review on clinical trials
Kuhathasan, N. · Dufort, A. · MacKillop, J. · Gottschalk, R. · Minuzzi, L. · Frey, B.N.


Age sensitive associations of adolescent substance use with amygdalar, ventral striatum, and frontal volumes in young adulthood
Windle, M. · Gray, J.C. · Lei, K.M. · Barton, A.W. · Brody, G. · Beach, S.R.H. · Galván, A. · MacKillop, J. · Clark, U.S. · Sweet, L.H.

Alcohol devaluation has dissociable effects on distinct components of alcohol behaviour
Rose, A.K. · Brown, K. · MacKillop, J. · Field, M. · Hogarth, L.

Availability of legalized cannabis reduces demand for illegal cannabis among Canadian cannabis users: evidence from a behavioural economic substitution paradigm
Amlung, M.T. · MacKillop, J.

Cannabis use disorder
Balodis, I.M. · MacKillop, J.

Distinct functional and structural neural underpinnings of working memory
Owens, M.M. · Duda, B. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.

Effects of neuromodulation on cognitive performance in individuals exhibiting addictive behaviour: A systematic review protocol
Naish, K.R. · Vedelago, L. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.T.

Elevated behavioral economic demand for alcohol in co-users of cannabis and alcohol
Morris, V. · Patel, H. · Vedelago, L. · Reed, D.D. · Aston, E.R. · Metrik, J. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.

Enhancing motivation in behavioral and cognitive therapy
MacKillop, J. · Vanderbroek, L. · Munn, C.

Evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorders: A review through the lens of the theory x efficacy matrix
MacKillop, J. · Stojek, M.M. · VanderBroek, L. · Owens, M.

Functional and structural neuroimaging studies on addiction and delayed reward discounting: A systematic review
Owens, M.M. · Syan, S.K. · Amlung, M.T. · Beach, S.R.H. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.

+Genetic analysis of impulsive personality traits: Examination of a priori candidates and genome-wide variations 
Gray, J.C. · MacKillop, J.  · Weafer, J. · Hernandez, K.M. · Gao, J. · Palmer, A.A. · de Wit, H.

Genome-wide association studies of impulsive personality traits (BIS-11 and UPPSP) and drug experimentation in up to 22,861 adult research participants identify loci in the CACNA1l and CADM2 genes
Sanchez-Roige, S. · Fontanillas, P. · Elson, S. · Gray, J. · de Wit, H. · MacKillop, J. · Palmer, A.A.

Negative urgency moderates reactivity to laboratory stress inductions
Owens, M.M. · Amlung, M.T. · Stojek, M. · MacKillop, J.

Price elasticity of illegal vs. legal cannabis: a behavioral economic substitutability analysis
Amlung, M. · Reed, D.D. · Morris, V. · Aston, E.R. · Metrik, J. · MacKillop, J. · 

Reinforcing value and hypothetical behavioural economic demand for food and their relation to BMI
Epstein, L.H. · Paluch, R.A. · Carr, K.A. · Temple, J.L. · Bickel, W.K. · MacKillop, J.

Urinary tetrahydrocannabinol is associated with poorer working memory performance and alterations in associated brain activity
Owens, M.M. · McNally, S. · Petker, T. · Amlung, M.T. · Balodis, I.M. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.


The association between age of onset of opioid use and comorbidity among opioid dependent patients receiving methadone maintenance therapy
Naji, L. · Dennis, B. · Bawor, M. · Varenbut, M. · Daiter, J. · Plater, C. · Pare, G. · Marsh, D.C. · Worster, A. · Desai, D. · MacKillop, J. · Thebane, L. · Samaan, Z.

Association between cannabis use and methadone maintenance treatment outcomes: An investigation into sex differences
Zielinski, L. · Bhatt, M. · Sanger, N. · Plater, C. · Worster, A. · Varenbut, M. · Daiter, J. · Pare, G. · Marsh, D.C. · Desai, D. · MacKillop, J. · Steiner, M. · McDermid Vaz, S. · Thabane, L. · Samaan, Z.

Cannabinoid receptor gene polymorphism (rs2023239) associated with demand for marijuana
Aston, E. · Knopik, V.S. · McGeary, J. · MacKillop, J. · Metrik, J.

+Commentary: Delay discounting and smoking: Robust correlation, but uncertain causation 
MacKillop, J. · Munafò, M.R.

Effects of varenicline versus transdermal nicotine replacement therapy on cigarette demand on quit day in individuals with substance use disorders
Murphy, C · MacKillop, J. · Martin, R.A. · Tidey, J.W. · Colby, S.M. · Rohsenow, D.J.

+Elevated behavioral economic demand for alcohol in a community sample of heavy drinking smokers. 
Amlung, M.T.  · MacKillop, J. · Monti, P.M.  · Miranda Jr., R.

Family-centered prevention ameliorates the longitudinal association of poverty with hippocampal and amygdalar volumes in adulthood
Brody, G.H. · Gray, J. · Yu, T. · Barton, A.W. · Beach, S.R.H. · Galván, A. · MacKillop, J. · Windle, M. · Chen, E. · Miller, G.E. · Sweet, L.H.

+Genetic influences on ADHD symptom dimensions: Examination of a priori candidates, gene-based tests, genome-wide variation, and SNP heritability
Bidwell, L.C. · Gray, J.C. · Weafer, J. · Palmer, A.A. · de Wit, H. · MacKillop, J.

+Genome-wide association study of Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) scores in 20,328 research participants of European ancestry 
Sanchez-Roige, S. ·  Fontanillas, P. ·  S.L · the 23andMe Research Team  ·  Gray, J.C. · de Wit, H. ·  Davis, L.K. · MacKillop, J. · Palmer, A.A.

The influence of substance use on depressive symptoms among young adult black men: The sensitizing effect of early adversity: Depressive Symptoms and Substance Use in Black Men
Kogan, S. · Cho, J. · Oshri, A. · MacKillop, J.

Integrating psychological and pharmacological treatments for addictive disorders
MacKillop, J. · Kenna, G.A. · Leggio, L. · Ray, L.A.

+Latent factor structure of a behavioral economic marijuana demand curve 
Aston, E. · Farris, S.G. · MacKillop, J. · Metrik, J.

+Multidimensional Assessment of Impulsivity in Relation to Obesity and Food Addiction
VanderBroek-Stice, L. · Stojek, M.M.K. · Beach, S.R.H. · vanDellen, M.R. · MacKillop, J.

Neural Correlates of Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels Predict Smoking Cessation Relapse
Owens, M.M. · MacKillop, J. · Gray, J.C. · Hawkshead, B.E. · Murphy, C.M. · Sweet, L.H.

The Neuroeconomics of Tobacco Demand: An Initial Investigation of the Neural Correlates of Cigarette Cost-Benefit Decision Making in Male Smokers
Gray, J.C. · Amlung, M.l · Owens, M.M. · Acker, J. · Brown, C.L. · Brody, G.H. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.

Pathways Linking Adverse Childhood Experiences to Cigarette Smoking Among Young Black Men: A Prospective Analysis of the Role of Sleep Problems and Delayed Reward Discounting
Oshri, A. · Kogan, S.M. · Liu, S. · Sweet, L. · MacKillop, J.

+Relative reinforcing value of food and delayed reward discounting in obesity and disordered eating: A systematic review 
Stojek, M.M.K. · MacKillop, J.

Self-control depletion and nicotine deprivation as precipitants of smoking cessation failure: A human laboratory model
Heckman, B.W. · Alderson MacQueen, D. · Marquinez, N.S. · MacKillop, J. · Bickel, W.K. · Brandon, T.H.


Adaptation of an Acute Psychiatric Unit to a Concurrent Disorders Unit to Increase Capacity and Improve Patient Care
Raymond, H. · Amlung, M. · De Leo, J.A. · MacKillop, J.

Association between cannabis use and treatment outcomes in patients receiving methadone maintenance treatment: A systematic review protocol
Zielinski, L. · Bhatt, M. · Eisen, R. · Perera, S. · Bhatnagar, N. · MacKillop, J. · Steiner, M. · McDermid Vaz, S. · Thabane, L. · Samaan, Z.

Associations between nicotine dependence, anhedonia, urgency and smoking motives
Roys, M. · Weed, K. · Carrigan, M. · MacKillop, J.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and monetary delay discounting: A meta-analysis of case-control studies
Jackson, J.N.S. • MacKillop, J.

The behavioral economics and neuroeconomics of alcohol use disorders
MacKillop, J.

Corrigendum to “DRD2/ANKK1 TaqI A genotype moderates the relationship between alexithymia and the relative value of alcohol among male college binge drinkers” [Pharmacol. Biochem. Behav. 102 (2012) 471–476]
Wahlstrom, L.C. · McChargue, D.E. · MacKillop, J.

Cue-Elicited Increases in Incentive Salience for Marijuana: Craving, Demand, and Attentional Bias
Metrik, J. · Aston, E. · Kahler, C.W. · Rohsenow, D.J. · McGeary, J.E. · Knopik, V.S. · MacKillop, J.

Delay discounting and addiction:  A critical review and identification of emerging priorities
Amlung, M. · MacKillop, J.

Initial examination of priming tasks to decrease delay discounting
Sheffer, C.E. · MacKillop, J. · Fernandez, A. · Christensen, D. · Bickel, W.K. · Johnson, M. W. · Panissidi, L. · Pittman, J. · Franck, C.T. · Williams, J. · Mathew, M.

Interactive relationships between sex-related alcohol expectancies and delay discounting on risky sex
Celio, M.A. • MacKillop, J. • Caswell, A.J. • Mastroleo, N.R. • Kahler, C.W. • Barnett, N.P. • Colby, S.M. • Operario, D. • Monti, P.M.

Interrelationships among parental family history of substance misuse, delay discounting, and personal substance use
VanderBroek, L. • Acker, J. • Palmer, A.A. • de Wit, H. • MacKillop, J.

Interrelationships between Marijuana Demand and Discounting of Delayed Rewards: Convergence in Behavioral Economic Methods
Aston, E. · Metrik, J. · Amlung, M. · Kahler, C.W. · MacKillop, J.

The latent structure of impulsivity: Impulsive choice, impulsive action, and impulsive personality traits
MacKillop, James · Weafer, J. · Gray, J.C. · Oshri, A. · Palmer, A.A. · de Wit, H.

Steep Delay Discounting and Addictive Behavior: A Meta-Analysis of Continuous Associations: Delay discounting and addiction
Amlung, M. · Vedelago, L. · Acker, J. · Balodis, I. · MacKillop, J.

Steep discounting of delayed monetary and food rewards in obesity: A meta-analysis
Amlung, Michael T. • Petker, T. • Jackson, J. • Balodis, M. • MacKillop, J.

The Substitutability of Cigarettes and Food: A Behavioral Economic Comparison in Normal Weight and Overweight or Obese Smokers
Murphy, C. · Owens, M.M. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.

Syntax for calculation of discounting indices from the Monetary Choice Questionnaire and Probability Discounting Questionnaire
Gray, J.C. · Amlung, M.T. · Palmer, A.A. · MacKillop,  J.


An initial investigation of associations between dopamine-linked genetic variation and smoking motives in African Americans
Bidwell, L.C. • McGreary, J.E. • Palmer, R.H.C. • Knopik, V.S. • MacKillop, J.

Area under the curve as a novel metric of behavioral economic demand for alcohol
Amlung, M.T. • Yurasek, A. • McCarty, K.N. • MacKillop, J. • Murphy, J.G.

A social network analysis approach to alcohol use and co-occurring addictive behavior in young adults
Meisel, M.K. • Clifton, A.D. • MacKillop, J. • Goodie, A.S.

Behavioral economic analysis of stress effects on acute motivation for alcohol
Owens, M.M. • Ray, L.A. • MacKillop, J.

Behavioral economic decision making and alcohol-related sexual risk behavior
MacKillop, J. • Celio, M.A. • Mastroleo, N.R. • Kahler, C.W. • Operario, D. • Colby, S.M. • Barnett, N.P. • Monti, P.M.

Behavioral economic predictors of brief alcohol intervention outcomes
Murphy, J.G. • Dennhardt, A.A. • Yurasek, A.M. • Skidmore, J.R. • Martens, M.P. • MacKillop, J. • McVeditt-Murphy, M.E.

Childhood physical and sexual abuse and social network patterns on social media: Associations with alcohol use and problems among young adult women
Oshiri, A. • Himelboim, I. • Kwon, J.A. • Sutton, T.E. • MacKillop, J.

D-cycloserine to enhance extinction of cue-elicited craving for alcohol: A translational approach
MacKillop, J. • Few, L.R. • Stojek, M.K. • Murphy, C.M. • Malutinok, S.F. • Johnson, F.T. • Hofmann, S.G. • Swift, R.M. • McGreary, J.E. • Monti, P.M.

Further evidence of close correspondence for alcohol demand decision making for hypothetical and incentivized rewards
Amlung, M.T. • MacKillop, J.

Further validation of a marijuana purchase task
Aston, E.R. • Metrik, J. • MacKillop, J.

Genetic influences on delay discounting in smokers: Examination of a priori candidates and exploration of dopamine-related haplotypes
MacKillop, J. • Gray, J.C. • Bidwell, L.C. • Bickel, W.K. • Sheffer, C.E. • McGreary, J.E.

Impulsive delayed reward discounting as a genetically-influenced target for drug abuse prevention: A critical evaluation
Gray, J.C. • MacKillop, J.

Initial development of a brief behavioral economic assessment of alcohol demand
Owens, M.M. • Murphy, C.M. • MacKillop, J.

NCAM1-TTC12-ANKK1-DRD2 variants and smoking motives as intermediate phenotypes for nicotine dependence
Bidwell, L.C. • McGeary, J.E. • Gray, J.C. • Palmer, R.H.C. • Knopik, V.S • MacKillop, J.

NCAM1-TTC12-ANKK1-DRD2 polymorphisms and smoking motives as intermediate phenotypes for nicotine dependence
Bidwell, L.C. • McGeary, J.E. • Gray, J.C. • Palmer, R.H.C. • Knopik, V.S • MacKillop, J.

Predictive validity of a cigarette purchase task in a randomized controlled trial of contingent vouchers for smoking in individuals with substance use disorders
MacKillop, J. • Murphy, C.M. • Martin, R.A. • Stojek, M. • Tidey, J.W. • Colby, S.M. • Rohsenow, D.J.

The relationship between alcohol consumption, perceived stress, and CRHR1 genotype on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in rural African Americans
Obasi, E.M. • Shirtcliff, E.A. • Brody, G.H. • MacKillop, J. • Pittman, D.M. • Cavanagh, L. • Philibert, R.A.

Stress, cues, and eating behavior: Using drug addiction paradigms to understand motivation for food
Stojek, M.K. • Fischer, S.F. • MacKillop, J.

Using behavior economics to understand alcohol use disorders: A concise review and identification of research priorities
Gray, J.C. • MacKillop, J.

Willingness to provide support for a quit attempt: A study of partners of smokers
van Dellen, M.R. • Boyd, S.M. • Ranby, K.W. • MacKillop, J. • Lipkus, I.M.


Biobehavioral mechanisms of topiramate’s effects on alcohol use: An investigation pairing laboratory and ecological momentary assessments
Miranda, R. • MacKillop, J. • Treloar, H. • Blanchard, A. • Tidey, J.W. • Swift. R.M. • Chun, T. • Rohsenow, D.J. • Monti, P.M.