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Availability of legalized cannabis reduces demand for illegal cannabis among Canadian cannabis users; evidence from a behavioural economic substitution paradigm
Amlung, M.T. · MacKillop, J.

+Cannabidiol as a novel candidate alcohol use disorder pharmacotherapy: a systematic review 
Turna, J. · Syan, S.K. · Frey, B.N. · Rush, B. · Costello, J. · Weiss, M. · MacKillop, J.

Clarifying the relationship between alcohol demand and alcohol-related relative reinforcement and driving after drinking in a Canadian community sample
Patel, H. · Reed, D. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.T.

Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over one million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences 
Linner, R.K. et al [>15 authors]


Age sensitive associations of adolescent substance use with amygdalar, ventral striatum, and frontal volumes in young adulthood
Windle, M. · Gray, J.C. · Lei, K.M. · Barton, A.W. · Brody, G. · Beach, S.R.H. · Galván, A. · MacKillop, J. · Clark, U.S. · Sweet, L.H.

Alcohol devaluation has dissociable effects on distinct components of alcohol behaviour
Rose, A.K. · Brown, K. · MacKillop, J. · Field, M. · Hogarth, L.

Availability of legalized cannabis reduces demand for illegal cannabis among Canadian cannabis users: evidence from a behavioural economic substitution paradigm
Amlung, M.T. · MacKillop, J.

Distinct functional and structural neural underpinnings of working memory
Owens, M.M. · Duda, B. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.

Effects of neuromodulation on cognitive performance in individuals exhibiting addictive behaviour: A systematic review protocol
Naish, K.R. · Vedelago, L. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.T.

Elevated behavioral economic demand for alcohol in co-users of cannabis and alcohol
Morris, V. · Patel, H. · Vedelago, L. · Reed, D.D. · Aston, E.R. · Metrik, J. · MacKillop, J. · Amlung, M.

Enhancing motivation in behavioral and cognitive therapy
MacKillop, J. · Vanderbroek, L. · Munn, C.

Evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorders: A review through the lens of the theory x efficacy matrix
MacKillop, J. · Stojek, M.M. · VanderBroek, L. · Owens, M.

Functional and structural neuroimaging studies on addiction and delayed reward discounting: A systematic review
Owens, M.M. · Syan, S.K. · Amlung, M.T. · Beach, S.R.H. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.

+Genetic analysis of impulsive personality traits: Examination of a priori candidates and genome-wide variations 
Gray, J.C. · MacKillop, J.  · Weafer, J. · Hernandez, K.M. · Gao, J. · Palmer, A.A. · de Wit, H.

Genome-wide association studies of impulsive personality traits (BIS-11 and UPPSP) and drug experimentation in up to 22,861 adult research participants identify loci in the CACNA1l and CADM2 genes
Sanchez-Roige, S. · Fontanillas, P. · Elson, S. · Gray, J. · de Wit, H. · MacKillop, J. · Palmer, A.A.

Negative urgency moderates reactivity to laboratory stress inductions
Owens, M.M. · Amlung, M.T. · Stojek, M. · MacKillop, J.

Price elasticity of illegal vs. legal cannabis: a behavioral economic substitutability analysis
Amlung, M. · Reed, D.D. · Morris, V. · Aston, E.R. · Metrik, J. · MacKillop, J. · 

Reinforcing value and hypothetical behavioural economic demand for food and their relation to BMI
Epstein, L.H. · Paluch, R.A. · Carr, K.A. · Temple, J.L. · Bickel, W.K. · MacKillop, J.

Urinary tetrahydrocannabinol is associated with poorer working memory performance and alterations in associated brain activity
Owens, M.M. · McNally, S. · Petker, T. · Amlung, M.T. · Balodis, I.M. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.


The association between age of onset of opioid use and comorbidity among opioid dependent patients receiving methadone maintenance therapy
Naji, L. · Dennis, B. · Bawor, M. · Varenbut, M. · Daiter, J. · Plater, C. · Pare, G. · Marsh, D.C. · Worster, A. · Desai, D. · MacKillop, J. · Thebane, L. · Samaan, Z.

Association between cannabis use and methadone maintenance treatment outcomes: An investigation into sex differences
Zielinski, L. · Bhatt, M. · Sanger, N. · Plater, C. · Worster, A. · Varenbut, M. · Daiter, J. · Pare, G. · Marsh, D.C. · Desai, D. · MacKillop, J. · Steiner, M. · McDermid Vaz, S. · Thabane, L. · Samaan, Z.

Cannabinoid receptor gene polymorphism (rs2023239) associated with demand for marijuana
Aston, E. · Knopik, V.S. · McGeary, J. · MacKillop, J. · Metrik, J.

+Commentary: Delay discounting and smoking: Robust correlation, but uncertain causation 
MacKillop, J. · Munafò, M.R.

Effects of varenicline versus transdermal nicotine replacement therapy on cigarette demand on quit day in individuals with substance use disorders
Murphy, C · MacKillop, J. · Martin, R.A. · Tidey, J.W. · Colby, S.M. · Rohsenow, D.J.

+Elevated behavioral economic demand for alcohol in a community sample of heavy drinking smokers. 
Amlung, M.T.  · MacKillop, J. · Monti, P.M.  · Miranda Jr., R.

Family-centered prevention ameliorates the longitudinal association of poverty with hippocampal and amygdalar volumes in adulthood
Brody, G.H. · Gray, J. · Yu, T. · Barton, A.W. · Beach, S.R.H. · Galván, A. · MacKillop, J. · Windle, M. · Chen, E. · Miller, G.E. · Sweet, L.H.

+Genetic influences on ADHD symptom dimensions: Examination of a priori candidates, gene-based tests, genome-wide variation, and SNP heritability
Bidwell, L.C. · Gray, J.C. · Weafer, J. · Palmer, A.A. · de Wit, H. · MacKillop, J.

+Genome-wide association study of Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) scores in 20,328 research participants of European ancestry 
Sanchez-Roige, S. ·  Fontanillas, P. ·  S.L · the 23andMe Research Team  ·  Gray, J.C. · de Wit, H. ·  Davis, L.K. · MacKillop, J. · Palmer, A.A.

The influence of substance use on depressive symptoms among young adult black men: The sensitizing effect of early adversity: Depressive Symptoms and Substance Use in Black Men
Kogan, S. · Cho, J. · Oshri, A. · MacKillop, J.

Integrating psychological and pharmacological treatments for addictive disorders
MacKillop, J. · Kenna, G.A. · Leggio, L. · Ray, L.A.

+Latent factor structure of a behavioral economic marijuana demand curve 
Aston, E. · Farris, S.G. · MacKillop, J. · Metrik, J.

+Multidimensional Assessment of Impulsivity in Relation to Obesity and Food Addiction
VanderBroek-Stice, L. · Stojek, M.M.K. · Beach, S.R.H. · vanDellen, M.R. · MacKillop, J.

Neural Correlates of Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels Predict Smoking Cessation Relapse
Owens, M.M. · MacKillop, J. · Gray, J.C. · Hawkshead, B.E. · Murphy, C.M. · Sweet, L.H.

The Neuroeconomics of Tobacco Demand: An Initial Investigation of the Neural Correlates of Cigarette Cost-Benefit Decision Making in Male Smokers
Gray, J.C. · Amlung, M.l · Owens, M.M. · Acker, J. · Brown, C.L. · Brody, G.H. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.

Pathways Linking Adverse Childhood Experiences to Cigarette Smoking Among Young Black Men: A Prospective Analysis of the Role of Sleep Problems and Delayed Reward Discounting
Oshri, A. · Kogan, S.M. · Liu, S. · Sweet, L. · MacKillop, J.

+Relative reinforcing value of food and delayed reward discounting in obesity and disordered eating: A systematic review 
Stojek, M.M.K. · MacKillop, J.

Self-control depletion and nicotine deprivation as precipitants of smoking cessation failure: A human laboratory model
Heckman, B.W. · Alderson MacQueen, D. · Marquinez, N.S. · MacKillop, J. · Bickel, W.K. · Brandon, T.H.


Adaptation of an Acute Psychiatric Unit to a Concurrent Disorders Unit to Increase Capacity and Improve Patient Care
Raymond, H. · Amlung, M. · De Leo, J.A. · MacKillop, J.

Association between cannabis use and treatment outcomes in patients receiving methadone maintenance treatment: A systematic review protocol
Zielinski, L. · Bhatt, M. · Eisen, R. · Perera, S. · Bhatnagar, N. · MacKillop, J. · Steiner, M. · McDermid Vaz, S. · Thabane, L. · Samaan, Z.

Associations between nicotine dependence, anhedonia, urgency and smoking motives
Roys, M. · Weed, K. · Carrigan, M. · MacKillop, J.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and monetary delay discounting: A meta-analysis of case-control studies
Jackson, J.N.S. • MacKillop, J.

The behavioral economics and neuroeconomics of alcohol use disorders
MacKillop, J.

Corrigendum to “DRD2/ANKK1 TaqI A genotype moderates the relationship between alexithymia and the relative value of alcohol among male college binge drinkers” [Pharmacol. Biochem. Behav. 102 (2012) 471–476]
Wahlstrom, L.C. · McChargue, D.E. · MacKillop, J.

Cue-Elicited Increases in Incentive Salience for Marijuana: Craving, Demand, and Attentional Bias
Metrik, J. · Aston, E. · Kahler, C.W. · Rohsenow, D.J. · McGeary, J.E. · Knopik, V.S. · MacKillop, J.

Delay discounting and addiction:  A critical review and identification of emerging priorities
Amlung, M. · MacKillop, J.

Initial examination of priming tasks to decrease delay discounting
Sheffer, C.E. · MacKillop, J. · Fernandez, A. · Christensen, D. · Bickel, W.K. · Johnson, M. W. · Panissidi, L. · Pittman, J. · Franck, C.T. · Williams, J. · Mathew, M.

Interactive relationships between sex-related alcohol expectancies and delay discounting on risky sex
Celio, M.A. • MacKillop, J. • Caswell, A.J. • Mastroleo, N.R. • Kahler, C.W. • Barnett, N.P. • Colby, S.M. • Operario, D. • Monti, P.M.

Interrelationships among parental family history of substance misuse, delay discounting, and personal substance use
VanderBroek, L. • Acker, J. • Palmer, A.A. • de Wit, H. • MacKillop, J.

Interrelationships between Marijuana Demand and Discounting of Delayed Rewards: Convergence in Behavioral Economic Methods
Aston, E. · Metrik, J. · Amlung, M. · Kahler, C.W. · MacKillop, J.

The latent structure of impulsivity: Impulsive choice, impulsive action, and impulsive personality traits
MacKillop, James · Weafer, J. · Gray, J.C. · Oshri, A. · Palmer, A.A. · de Wit, H.

Steep Delay Discounting and Addictive Behavior: A Meta-Analysis of Continuous Associations: Delay discounting and addiction
Amlung, M. · Vedelago, L. · Acker, J. · Balodis, I. · MacKillop, J.

Steep discounting of delayed monetary and food rewards in obesity: A meta-analysis
Amlung, Michael T. • Petker, T. • Jackson, J. • Balodis, M. • MacKillop, J.

The Substitutability of Cigarettes and Food: A Behavioral Economic Comparison in Normal Weight and Overweight or Obese Smokers
Murphy, C. · Owens, M.M. · Sweet, L.H. · MacKillop, J.

Syntax for calculation of discounting indices from the Monetary Choice Questionnaire and Probability Discounting Questionnaire
Gray, J.C. · Amlung, M.T. · Palmer, A.A. · MacKillop,  J.


An initial investigation of associations between dopamine-linked genetic variation and smoking motives in African Americans
Bidwell, L.C. • McGreary, J.E. • Palmer, R.H.C. • Knopik, V.S. • MacKillop, J.

Area under the curve as a novel metric of behavioral economic demand for alcohol
Amlung, M.T. • Yurasek, A. • McCarty, K.N. • MacKillop, J. • Murphy, J.G.

A social network analysis approach to alcohol use and co-occurring addictive behavior in young adults
Meisel, M.K. • Clifton, A.D. • MacKillop, J. • Goodie, A.S.

Behavioral economic analysis of stress effects on acute motivation for alcohol
Owens, M.M. • Ray, L.A. • MacKillop, J.

Behavioral economic decision making and alcohol-related sexual risk behavior
MacKillop, J. • Celio, M.A. • Mastroleo, N.R. • Kahler, C.W. • Operario, D. • Colby, S.M. • Barnett, N.P. • Monti, P.M.

Behavioral economic predictors of brief alcohol intervention outcomes
Murphy, J.G. • Dennhardt, A.A. • Yurasek, A.M. • Skidmore, J.R. • Martens, M.P. • MacKillop, J. • McVeditt-Murphy, M.E.

Childhood physical and sexual abuse and social network patterns on social media: Associations with alcohol use and problems among young adult women
Oshiri, A. • Himelboim, I. • Kwon, J.A. • Sutton, T.E. • MacKillop, J.

D-cycloserine to enhance extinction of cue-elicited craving for alcohol: A translational approach
MacKillop, J. • Few, L.R. • Stojek, M.K. • Murphy, C.M. • Malutinok, S.F. • Johnson, F.T. • Hofmann, S.G. • Swift, R.M. • McGreary, J.E. • Monti, P.M.

Further evidence of close correspondence for alcohol demand decision making for hypothetical and incentivized rewards
Amlung, M.T. • MacKillop, J.

Further validation of a marijuana purchase task
Aston, E.R. • Metrik, J. • MacKillop, J.

Genetic influences on delay discounting in smokers: Examination of a priori candidates and exploration of dopamine-related haplotypes
MacKillop, J. • Gray, J.C. • Bidwell, L.C. • Bickel, W.K. • Sheffer, C.E. • McGreary, J.E.

Impulsive delayed reward discounting as a genetically-influenced target for drug abuse prevention: A critical evaluation
Gray, J.C. • MacKillop, J.

Initial development of a brief behavioral economic assessment of alcohol demand
Owens, M.M. • Murphy, C.M. • MacKillop, J.

NCAM1-TTC12-ANKK1-DRD2 variants and smoking motives as intermediate phenotypes for nicotine dependence
Bidwell, L.C. • McGeary, J.E. • Gray, J.C. • Palmer, R.H.C. • Knopik, V.S • MacKillop, J.

NCAM1-TTC12-ANKK1-DRD2 polymorphisms and smoking motives as intermediate phenotypes for nicotine dependence
Bidwell, L.C. • McGeary, J.E. • Gray, J.C. • Palmer, R.H.C. • Knopik, V.S • MacKillop, J.

Predictive validity of a cigarette purchase task in a randomized controlled trial of contingent vouchers for smoking in individuals with substance use disorders
MacKillop, J. • Murphy, C.M. • Martin, R.A. • Stojek, M. • Tidey, J.W. • Colby, S.M. • Rohsenow, D.J.

The relationship between alcohol consumption, perceived stress, and CRHR1 genotype on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in rural African Americans
Obasi, E.M. • Shirtcliff, E.A. • Brody, G.H. • MacKillop, J. • Pittman, D.M. • Cavanagh, L. • Philibert, R.A.

Stress, cues, and eating behavior: Using drug addiction paradigms to understand motivation for food
Stojek, M.K. • Fischer, S.F. • MacKillop, J.

Using behavior economics to understand alcohol use disorders: A concise review and identification of research priorities
Gray, J.C. • MacKillop, J.

Willingness to provide support for a quit attempt: A study of partners of smokers
van Dellen, M.R. • Boyd, S.M. • Ranby, K.W. • MacKillop, J. • Lipkus, I.M.


Biobehavioral mechanisms of topiramate’s effects on alcohol use: An investigation pairing laboratory and ecological momentary assessments
Miranda, R. • MacKillop, J. • Treloar, H. • Blanchard, A. • Tidey, J.W. • Swift. R.M. • Chun, T. • Rohsenow, D.J. • Monti, P.M.