About HRI

Homewood Research Institute is an independent charitable organization dedicated to research designed to evaluate and transform mental health and addiction services in Canada and beyond.

We bring people together in a shared quest to improve lives. Through our strategic partnerships with Homewood Health and leading universities, we are uniquely able to conduct research in a wide range of treatment settings to accelerate the process that transforms research into solutions for the real world.

HRI is funded through a variety of sources including individuals, corporations, and private foundations.

What We Do:

Catalyze – HRI brings together leading Canadian scientists and clinicians to do practice-based research.  We partner with universities and influential agencies, coordinating efforts to advance a common cause.

Innovate – HRI drives change by integrating science, treatment and training as we develop systems to evaluate care and conduct studies that improve outcomes.

Accelerate – HRI facilitates the rapid application of research to practice.  We work in real-world settings, moving evidence into practice to find solutions that will help people sooner.

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Our Vision

No life held back or cut short by mental illness or addiction

Our Mission

Improve outcomes of mental health and addiction treatments and services by joining forces with key partners to plan, do and use research that enhances practice.

Our Goal

Facilitate co-creation of mission driven initiatives to add value to all engaged partners:

Patients, clients and worksites, by enabling participation in solution oriented studies that improve practice and outcomes
Clinicians and service providers, by better integrating science to enhance practice
Researchers, by fostering studies that both advance knowledge and benefit people
Trainees, by building a foundation for a career that makes a difference
Donors, by offering options for high impact, low overhead, targeted investment
Treatment funders, by facilitating engagement in studies that improve performance
Agencies that fund research and knowledge exchange, by aligning plans and effort

Our Values

Impact: focus on enhancing treatments and services to improve outcomes
Integrity: behave in ways that build and maintain trust
Excellence: uphold the highest standards in science and business practices
Respect: honour and give due credit to all who work with us
Stewardship: invest in relationships and use resources to best advantage
Collaboration: promote a spirit of community and cooperation in a common cause
Innovation: be creative in developing and testing novel treatments and services
Entrepreneurship: be bold, strategic, nimble and disciplined in pursuit of results